Photo Destinations

Have a favorite photography destination? I don't. I keep looking for the one that will claim the title, and on the way enjoy discovering new locations that vie for the award.

Coming Soon:

Cuba, Barcelona, London and Malta

Sedona Arizona 

Some say Sedona, Arizona, is a magical, even mystical place. There are several businesses and organizations that support the mystical, with new-age energy vortices and spiritual influences. I think you will agree, the red-rock formations do offer  a mystical flavor, especially after a rain.

Sonoran Desert - Saguaro National Park

About five miles west of Tucson, AZ, I crested a ridge that  separates the metro area from the bordering desert. The view was stunning!

Canyon X - Page, AZ

Can photographers still find slot canyons unspoiled by hordes of tourists? You bet!

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