A Photographer's Life

Photojournalist, author, Pulitzer Prize winner, conservationist all describe Jack Dykinga, but they don’t begin to reveal the passion that has driven his work for over five decades. With often explicit raw emotion he describes in A Photographer’s Life his path through turmoil, personal struggles, awakening moments, and love and appreciation for those who mentored and preceded him.


A Photographer’s Life in not an autobiography, or maybe it is. It’s not really a tabletop book, yet it has stunning, award-wining photos. It’s not a primer on how to succeed as a photojournalist, but many of the elements are revealed to the careful reader.

The beauty of his book is the mostly subtle messages he provides to someone, anyone, but especially aspiring photojournalists. His narrative winds its way from his first days as cub news reporter for the Chicago Herald, to winning a Pulitzer Prize in 1971 for Feature Photography, to walking away from it all to become an influential force for conservation.


Through his independent work, collaborations and associations with National Geographic, the National Association Nature Photographers and the International League of Conservation Photographers Dykinga confirms how one person or a small group of similarly impassioned people can make a difference – especially if they give voice with and to their images.

The 205 pages are about one-third narrative. The balance is images that illustrate Dykinga’s stories and messages. A Photographer’s Life is not a tabletop book, an autobiography, or a guide to being a successful photojournalist. Rather, it all of them - and well worth reading, studying and sharing with others.

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