Want to Make a Difference?
Consider Non-Profit Organizations for New Clients

Photographers’ talents are needed and sought by many unable to pay for their services.  Ignoring these not-so-obvious opportunities can be short-sighted.

Think about all of the nonprofit organizations in your community. You know about them because of the press they get for their services. Many organizations work on shoestring budgets to help millions of people, locally and worldwide.

We all have heard, It isn’t what you know, it’s who you know. In this scenario, it’s the people your non-profit client knows. Many nonprofits have extensive public support and awareness. They also attract board members and leaders who are prominent in their community and dedicated to the organization’s mission.

As a business strategy, by contributing your time and talent to an organization, you create opportunities to meet and work with these business leaders and decision makers in meetings and at functions. You have the opportunity to establish personal relationships.  And they, in turn, get to see the work you are creating for an organization they support.

The next time you find doors closed to your traditional marketing efforts, consider spending some time researching the nonprofits in your area. Google “nonprofits in yourcityname.” They are often very approachable and many will appreciate your offer. Your local American Red Cross chapter, veterans’ groups, food banks, wildlife organizations and medical outreach services are just a few such opportunities.

On another level, you don’t have to be a wealthy philanthropist to make a contribution to your community. You may discover that helping a nonprofit organization whose volunteers and efforts often impact thousands is also personally very satisfying.

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