Promoting your Event, Product or Competition

Why should you incorporate Window On Photography in your advertising program?

Five very important reasons:


1.  Targeted Audience - It’s highly targeted to photographers. More importantly, its photographers that are actively making an effort to grow their business and reputation.​

2.  Growing Readership - Every month Window On Photography data base of users grows by several hundred new, unique, names. Consequently, your message is being exposed to fresh eyes every month, plus those that saw it in early publications.

3.  Cost - Considering the alternatives, you can’t find a more targeted, high-viewership and cost-effective way of getting your message to those you want.

4.  Window On Photography is very actively promoted with the mission to increase it’s readership by providing valued content.

5. Bonus issues. Some months there is more than one publication. Your ad payment covers all publications within the month of the first run of the ad.

Pick your ad location:
(note: all costs are USD)

Home Page – The home page is perfect for promoting events or products.


Obviously, this gets the most eye-ball attention per issue. As you know, just because you visit a site’s home page doesn’t mean you’ll delve further into it. But you have seen to its content. It’s staring back at you. So even if the site doesn’t grab a viewer’s interest enough for them to explore further, your ad might! What more can you ask for?

1 Month - $240 standard size / $408 premium size (see Mechanicals, below)

3 Months - $576 (a 20% discount) / $980 premium size


Competition Page – The competitions page is updated almost daily with new opportunities for photographers and other artists. If you are using Smarter Entry to manage your competition, your event is listed as soon as it goes live. Regardless if you use Smarter Entry or not, a banner or side-bar ad will make your competition stand out.

The economics of advertising on the competion page is its high ROI, Return On Investment. Typically, organizations charge $35.00 for someone to submit three images to a competion. When your side-bar ad generates 10 new submissionss it paid for itself. The same for the banner ad. When generates 15 new submissions it’s paid for itself.

Now consider that Window On Photography goes to over 20,000 photographers and other artists, of which more than 90% submit to competitions,  you can see the real potential for increasing participation in your call for entries.


1 Month - $350 standard size / $595 premium size

3 Months - $840 (a 20% discount) / $1,428


1 Month - $525

3 Months - $1,260 (a 20% discount)

Article Page - Every issue of Window On Photography has one or more new articles. When an article is published, it remains on the site for a minimum of 18 moths. Ads placed in the sidebar of an article remain with the article.


1 Month - $180 / $306 premium size

3 Months - $432 (a 20% discount) / $735 premium size

Email Blasts - Monthly we email news about your product, competition or event directly to Window On Photography's readers. You have 50 words to state the highlights of your competition and can include a thumbnail image representing your event.


This is possibly the most cost-efficient method for getting your message into the mailbox of those that submit to competitions. An email blast to 30,000 photographers costs $240. At $35 per entry, it takes only 7 new registrations to pay for the cost of the mailing.

$8 Per thousand. Because of the continued growth of the email database, please ask for a current quote.



The deadline for ad payment is the 15th of the month preceeding the publication month. Therefore march publication ads are due by the 15th of February.

Copy and Graphics

The deadline for copy and graphics is the 25th of the month preceeding the publication month.
Send the ad copy and graphics, either jpg, gif, or  pdf format, to


Mechanicals (ads only, not for Email Blasts)


  • Standard - 140px wide x 130px tall

  • Premium -  140px wide x up to 250px tall

Competitions Page Banner: 550px x 80px


Payment is made through PayPal.


With your payment, provide the name of your organization, location where you want the ad placed, month in which you want the ad to run, a brief description of the ad, i.e., title of the ad.

The PayPal account to use is


Questions: Email:, or call 520.444.9818 (AZ time)

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