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New Competition!


What does it mean to you?

Submit your photographs representing what America represents to you.

This competition is open to everyone, U.S. citizens and all other world citizens.

More than 60 photos will be selected by two very accomplished photojournalists.

There are 6 cash and other book awards.

Most importantly, 50% of the net proceeds will be donated to the The National Collocation for Homeless Veterans.

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the full details

A Photographer's Life

Jack Dykinga


Photojournalist, author, Pulitzer Prize winner and conservationist doesn't begin to reveal his passion over five decades of work.

A Photographer’s Life is not an autobiography, or maybe it is. It’s not really a tabletop book, yet it has stunning, award-wining photos. It’s not a primer on how to succeed as a photojournalist, but many of the elements are revealed to the careful reader.

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The Bag You May Love

Window on Photography provides articles to inspire, help and guide photographers in their quest to master the craft, develop its art form and promote their work. 


Backlite 18L Review

A unique feature is how it provides easy access your gear while keeping the bag secured to your waist. Just loosen the waist strap enough to rotate the bag to your front after taking your arms out of the shoulder straps.

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