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Coastal Maine
If you are intrigued by the interplay of boats, rocky shorelines, seascapes, tidal flats, water fowl, coastal towns and their often colorful residents, rich with stories, you will want to include this region on your travel list. For me, this truly unique coastal environment ranks with Alaska, Yellow Stone and similar places of grandeur – with the addition of the human element.

Sedona Arizona
Some say Sedona, Arizona, is a magical, even mystical place. There are several businesses and organizations that support the mystical, with new-age energy vortices and spiritual influences.

Saguaro Desert (Saguaro National Park)
About ten miles southwest of Tucson, AZ, I crested a ridge that serves to separate the metro area from the desert. The view is truly breathtaking.

Canyon X, Page, AZ
Can photographers still find slot canyons unspoiled by hordes of tourists? You bet!