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TIffen’s Domke Rugged Wear Photography Bags


Like great reruns, a good photo bag style is hard to improve on. But Tiffen’s Domke Rugged Wear Journalist series does just that. In a style reminiscent of photojournalists’ earlier “gadget” bags, these Tiffen bagstiffen-bag1 incorporate many innovations and features that make them worthy of new consideration.

The over-the- shoulder design makes the contents very accessible while on the move. It comfortably holds a DSLR with 70-105mm lens in the main compartment, with room for a flash and additional gear safely segregated by moveable and substantially padded partitions.

Large expandable pockets on the front and side external surfaces are available for more gear: rain jacket, energy bars and notepads – everything you need for a day of photography.  The back side of the bag has a separate section for a large tablet that is accessible without opening any other part of the bag. A zipper in the cover flap makes it convenient to access the main compartment without unlatching the flap. The over-the-shoulder strap, latches, stitching and zippers are as top quality as the bag material. I’ve used the Chronicle design for the past four months, and it has become my go-to bag.

The Chronicle bag retails for $349.95; you can acquire it through Amazon for $317.95. You can view all of the bag options and more details at