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Tiffen Dfx 4 Filter Suite

Tiffen’s Dfx 4 Filter Suite added some very interesting tools for photographers who wish to incorporate creative elements in their images. The earlier version, Dfx 3, was already robust in features. You can see my review of Dfx 3 here (web address). Included in version 4 are some significant enhancements to the program’s performance, specifically in its use of the computer’s graphics processor. From the previous review, you will discover that I’m impressed by Tiffen’s interface to its presets, the number of presets for many effects, and the almost limitless control the user has to manipulate them or create an effect from scratch using controls in Parameters.

One new effect I particularly like is the Grunge filter. This filter is very comprehensive, offering numerous grungy effects you can apply to your images to give them a stressed look: scratches, lines, hair, dirt, stains, splotches, grain and vignettes. Using scratches as an example, you can control their opacity, the number of scratches, their width, length, roughness and whether they appear as a positive or negative on the print; if you come from the darkroom days, you’ll understand why. I’ve attached a few examples of what you can do with just this one of the many Dfx 4 filters. If you look in the Parameter column on the right of each image, you’ll see how easy it is to make adjustments with the sliders.

I'll not go into detail on all of the new effects and enhancements. You can read their press release here (web address), and I list them at the end of this article. You can also download a trial copy without using a credit card from (web address) to personally evaluate Dfx 4. The suite operates as a plugin or a standalone. There are several other options that affect pricing. You can see the selection and download trials at If you are looking for a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use filter effects, you should give the Tiffen Dfx 4 Suite a trial. 

Click on the two photos with effects for greater detail.