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Interviews and Reviews

These interviews and reviews are intended to provide insight for fine art and commercial photographers seeking grow their business by learning from what works for others.

There are many stories of photographers' experiences that offer insight for those interested in growing their business, or learning more about our creative craft. I hope you will find these three stories interesting and possibly useful.

Coming Soon

  • A sketch profile of Joyce Tenneson
  • Douglas Kirkland's unending passion for photography

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edward mapplethorpe Edward Mapplethorpe discusses his convoluted and interesting history in photography, from when assisting his brother Robert to his new and very unusual process of creating photographs. This is a 2-part video interview.

water's edgeWater's Edge - Book review and interview with the publisher

Clare O'Neill, presents a series of images interpreted by writers. What makes the book so interesting is it was an uncollaborated effort, with the photographers and writers submitting their work through two separate juried acceptance processes.

GravityFine Art Photographer Julio Hardy Goes Hollywood
(This article was in the previous issue, but the link failed so I've included it again as it provide a valuable example of how important it is to have a website.)

How Fine Art Photographer Julio Hardy received an offer to photograph the production of a major motion picture staring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Julio was sought out for his fine art style by the producers with the intent to offer something more artistic than the standard Hollywood still photos.

The Camera: Its 175-Year Technological and Social Evolution

350 CamerasIn modern history of technological evolution, possibly none eclipse in time and product variations that of the camera. 500 Cameras, authored by Todd Gustavason, Curator of Technology for the George Eastman House, and published by Sterling Signature, offers a superb visual presentation of camera history.